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The benifits of buddypress

  • ocon


    I run a mu version of wordpress, which contains multiple blogs.

    The blogs have already been created and users can not create new blogs. The existing blogs are updates of different projects.

    Visitors to my sites can read and post comments.

    I’ve just learned about buddypress, and I’m not really sure how it can apply to me.

    If it allows my visitors to create profile accounts, read the blogs and post comments that are connected to their accounts, and interact with other users to help personalize the site, and help build a community, then that’s great.

    If it allows the blog writers (me) to do special features, then that wouldn’t be too useful for my needs.

    Is someone able to help me better understand who buddypress is aimed towards, and the benefits it allows them?

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  • David Lewis




    I guess I’m just not sure what a “member” is. I know who the admin is, me, but are members people who create and setup the blogs (which is, again, me), are they people who post comments, or are they both?



    both. get your account at and play around. That should give you more idea what bp is.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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