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The best plugins/themes/hacks for a CITY OR TOURISM GUIDE with BuddyPress?

  • Hello! I work in user experience design, and I’m considering buddypress for some projects, but I don’t have experience with the versatility of its plugins. So, I pose you some questions about which plugins do you recommend for a specific scenario:

    Say we have a new project, to create a buddypress site for a social city guide:
    – Users should upload multimedia content to admin-created group albums, and rate each other’s photos,videos, etc.
    – There should be an admin review section with subsections for topics such as restaurants, stores, etc.
    – Members should be able to post member reviews (maybe a personal blog) for places in the city.
    – BlogPosts should be made in the user front, not in wordpress backend. However, (unlick Quickpress)blogposts in the front end should include pictures, not just text. Same with comments and replies to posts.
    – An interactive map would be great!. But for this project, located in countries where most addresses are not included in current google maps, so, which maps could have content updated by users?
    – I plan on using the Achievements plugin to create social rewards for actions in the guide and in the city, any advice?

    Alright. If you have any comments regarding this scenario, and comments about plugins, extensions, and your experience with city guides, everything will be very appreciated! Thanks!

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  • Any ideas or comments?


    @mercime plus BP plus BP Template Pack plus One Quick Post or something similar.

    thankyou, @mercime. It is nice that I got a reply. this forums don’t seem very active. do you know of a more active community?

    I’m checking out the templates, and possible modifications to them. My major problem is the quick posting, as I’d need people to stay in the frontend… still searching. anyone else has tried to make a city guide with Buddypress?

    Have you tried the cityguide wootheme with buddypress?? it seems to be only for regular WP



    99% who help out here in the BP forums are volunteers. On a very rare day, someone might come into the forums and make a long long list of all that they need for a BP site and get spoonfed with all the answers in one go, though I haven’t seen that happen totally. I know you expect answers that’s why you go to the forums but on our end, we expect that you did some research on your own as well. If you want simple BP/WP install, it’s all easy (assuming you have good server). But If you want fully customized BP install, the learning curve is medium high if you’ve got WP experience.
    BP Codex –
    BP compatible plugins –

    Back to Woo’s City Guide Theme, I only mentioned that theme because I saw it just before I saw your post here – CITY GUIDE. Also, as I mentioned before in post above, you would need to install BP Template Pack, make necessary changes, and if you have HTML/CSS/WordPress theming knowledge, it’ll be a breeze. You could choose whatever WP theme you want and install BP Template Pack or get a free BuddyPress theme or go for a premium BuddyPress theme with free support.

    @mercime, I agree with everything you say. I’ve installed and tested the BPtemplate pack, as well as others, and experimented with theming.
    I’m looking forward to find good examples of sites using BP as a cityguide. I’ve designed a concept that uses the elements outlined in the original post. Therefore, maybe some readers have experience with one or two points in there, or can think of an example of a site or a plugin that may help.
    Like I mentioned, it is a concept scenario, useful to see what BP users have done in the past, and continue experimenting and learning BP.
    It certainly is not a simple BPWP install. And I’ve been checking up plugins for several months now. Still searching for suggestions and experience that BP users have had with plugins related to the points i made on the original post. Thanks for your comments regarding themes. What has your experience with BP been like? any recommendation on plugins for reviews and media albums? I’ve been checking up the kaltura as well as the cincopa plugins, but still, I’ve not seen many options yet…



    @testador thanks for elaborating on what you’ve done so far.
    – Check out the Ride Oregon site in showcase –
    – I recall seeing a travel or tourism site here before –

    Re themes, I prefer to create my own themes – either child themes of bp-default theme or use BP Template Pack for a couple. It depends on a lot of factors. Here’s a simple walkthrough for BP Template Pack for reference –

    Re media plugin, I’ve been using the BP Gallery plugin, (premium) since early 2010 to date. Preference is hosting own media rather than having it hosted at Kaltura/Cincopa servers.

    Good luck

    yeah, I’m thinking of this theme too (or a complete custom design). I’d like users to note their location in the profile & then be presented with relevant information (posts)…

    Also thinking of this: & getting someone to modify it for me (I’m not a developer!). These guys also have a “directory” plugin however it is not “buddypress compatible” but a few people have requested it (might be worth your while inquiring too!)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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