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Theme Options location?

  • lightzok


    New to BuddyPress, and can’t find Theme Options for BuddyPress Community theme. The location was described as being located: “12. Now just go to Appearance > Theme Options and start configure your custom setting, color scheme etc” But, I don’t find “Options” anywhere on the Appearance > Theme page.

    My installation is BuddyPress Default 1.1.3 by, which seems to have the Community theme embedded in it.

    Another source of confusion is the apparent two themes in this installation: one for the WPMU theme, and another for the BuddyPress theme. It would seem that there would be two places in the dashboard to set the options for each of the two themes.

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  • @mercime


    re – BuddyPress Community theme – Did you even activate the theme or read instructions at ? Also, the theme is a premium theme and you should have free theme support there.

    “BuddyPress Default 1.1.3 by which seems to have the Community theme embedded in it”

    – uh, no Community theme embedded at all – or do you mean you activated the theme?

    Re: your confusion re themes – only bp-default child theme and bp-sn-parent are packaged in BP 1.1.3 BP plugin

    I’m marking this as not a support issue as it seems to relate to a third party theme and not BuddyPress itself.



    My install of BuddyPress is using BuddyPress Default 1.1.3. When I click on groups, it takes me to a page that says:

    “Welcome to the BuddyPress Community Theme

    Simply change this text in your theme options”

    Isn’t that the BuddyPress Community Theme? Parent? Child?

    My problem is that the admin doesn’t have any way to access the Options page for this portion of my BuddyPress site.



    Problem solved! My host thought they were following my wishes by dropping the BP Community theme into BP Default, so they could workaround the free theme incompatibility with the current BP. They did a clean reinstall and got everything back to the factory spec.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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