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Themes, WordPress & BuddyPress

  • lizat


    I am starting to play with buddypress and believe it may resolve some of my requirements. But I have some questions about how we could use it effectively with WordPress.

    We already have a WP site, it uses a theme that is very good but not BP friendly. Most of the site is general purpose available to anyone, there’s just a bit that isn’t. The requirements are these:
    ….a) members can log-in
    ….b) members & non-members can book events and get the relevant price i.e. non-meber & membership
    ….c) non-members can purchase membership (and compete al relevant data)
    ….d) members can maintain their details
    ….e) perform various other membership activities supported by BP

    So I was wondering if we could retain our current site, using the theme we took so much care to choose, then when someone wants to join or maintain their membership details link to another site with the buddypress functionality. But how would we sync the two?

    Any advice about how best to satisfy our requirements but still retain our selected WP theme?

    many thanks…………………….. liz

    p.s. probably completely wrong in terms of etiquette but I did post this originally in teh WordPress & Buddypress group but no response and it is on a few mebers so I thought this group was a better bet. Apologies if I have broken any rules by doing this.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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