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This is a Project – I Am Counting on the Experts Here

  • SarahGL


    Hello Everyone,

    I have been using the resources here for about 8 months and I love the pieces out of you all. Hoping that you can assist with some pretty extensive advice.

    We built GAYLOCALE as a social media platform to showcase, promote and encourage one another in community driven local specific platform.

    Visit us here

    My struggle, the following:

    We want to create locales. Where each person can select their locale as their default, but have the flexibility to switch locales and visit other feeds.

    Additionally, this is where it get’s tricky I think, uncertain. I need to have business owners have the ability to create their own dedicated websites within GL see here for format – those experienced in WP Multi-Site, is that the solution? If so, or a resource would be appreciated. Within their own dedicated page, website, etc. they can create and track analytic data. Those business forms then would become and be categorized by locale. And BP users would then be able to welcome new businesses, rate, review, share photos and engage for an example a Denver Locale. The public profile would then showcase three tabs, My Locale, My Fav Locale and Me (all three albums would need to be showcased directly under the public BP users profile- possible?) I know you are thinking I need a developer and I agree. But can’t at the moment, so I need your help.

    Under the locale I am hoping that the format is extremely user friendly and clean. I want the BP members to easily navigate through their locale feeds. I would also like the users to have a dedicated feed, for friends only when they login. I want them to be able to pull data for the local feeds to engage in etc. into their own feed. So, sharing capability. Switch locales, see what is happening in another area, etc.

    The problem I am running into at the moment is content. As a company we will be doing showcases and features on local companies- see here.

    However, I need that categorized into different locales one and two the ability for businesses to start creating that content so that the BP users can engage them.

    Very confused about the ability to create dedicated mini websites within GAYLOCALE as business owners. I am hoping that you guys can give me advice, some tips on the user ability on BP and how I can merge, manage and create both of these functions.

    I am using the most recent of both BP and WP with the KLEO theme from Seventh Queen.

    BP comments, likes etc. isn’t working on the mobile version when I am looking at the feed from mobile.

    Also, is there a way to stop spam registration. It appears as though we are getting a lot. Do you make them as spam or deleted them completely?

    Is there a there solution to spam registration.

    Can BP (or my site) be hacked by a registered user or spam registered user?

    Thank you,

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