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This user has been marked as a spammer. Only site admins can view this profile.

  • modemlooper


    How do you remove this? Somebody is marked as a spammer and they are not. They reset password over and over.

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  • modemlooper


    ok, so if anyone is usimg the twi connect plugin and a users does not activates after signing up and then goes to your site and clicks the twitter login it will log them in but they will be marked as a spammer. I edited database to 0 and its ok



    Hello- I have the same problem, but I am not using twi connect plugin. I am the only admin. How do I reset the database?

    I figured it out. Thanks!!




    @dtclarinet – can you share how you reset the database? I’m not using the plugin mentioned, but rather wp-fb-autoconnect. Could that cause the same issue?




    You have to find the user in the database and change their setting to 0. If you don’t know how to access a db then google phpmyadmin and learn.



    Does anybody know why these users are being tagged as spammers when they aren’t. This has happened to 3 out of 5 of the latest sign ups on my site, and it is seriously causing a barrier to joining my site.

    What are they going wrong that this would happen?


    This doesn’t happen automatically. Someone is clicking a button, or you’ve got a plugin that’s doing this for you

    Hello Paul Gibbs,

    I just created a test user and not received any e-mail.

    I also check on my Dashboard under All users, and I have members that didn’t received any e-mails as well

    one have ideas why this is happening.

    I also check for any plugin anti spammer that I don’t know about, and can’t find anything?

    any ideas?



    You should start a new topic!

    Some web hosts require extra configuration to work with wordpress email.

    wp-mail-smtp also provides a testing mode to help debug php and smtp mail.

    Previous discussions about it can be found by searching for WP-Mail-SMTP

    Thank you,

    I contact my host, bluehost and they told me that my registration forrm and email confirmation also works fine. But I just created another test user and not received any e-mail.

    should I ad this WP-Mail- SMTP plogin as well?

    Can someone try to register on my site to understatd what I’m talking about? I’ve been traying to solve this problem for ove 6 days, going to diferent forums and I just don’t know what alse to do.

    Please, Thank you



    Thank you aces,

    I’ll try that!



    BP 1.2.x has a bug where bp_core_is_user_spammer() is not returned as a boolean, but as an integer. This causes some problems with spammer checks.

    For example, if a super admin is on a person’s profile who did not activate their account via email, in the BuddyBar, that person would be incorrectly cast as a spammer.

    Haven’t checked this in BP 1.5, but it’s definitely worth looking into.

    Where is this super admin everyone is talking about, hey r-a-y or anyone at this point, I’ll give you acces to my site to looking into?

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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