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ToolBar – Buddypress Menu … Sometimes doesn't show up

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    I am using WordPress 3.8 and Buddypress 1.9
    Website : — This is a private site, therefore I will post a screenshot of the problems.

    Problem : My client and his users are frequently not seeing the black buddy-press toolbar at the top, for instance it may appear on the home page and then they navigate to the blog and it disappears yet works if they switch the the lounge page.. The space is still there for the bar even when it doesn’t show up. It seems to be completely random when it works and when it doesn’t. At first I thought it might be a connection speed problem but that doesn’t seem likely since its happening consistently.

    Note : I am running two portals with exactly the same set up and on the same primary domain. The coach portal is not experiencing this problem but the customer portal is. O.o

    Thank you for any insight and/or advice you have for correcting this issue!!

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