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Top 5 Reasons Why Buddypress May Fail

  • 1. BP is resistant to criticism.
    2. Few if any developers opperate a large traffic BP powered site.
    3. Developers are overly concerned with that is NOT powered by the current version of BP.
    4. BP is not independent and is controlled by Auttomattic.
    5. Although referred to as “open source” BP is governed by a GNU license.

    If anyone moderating feels these opinions are hostel, you shouldn’t be in a position of “moderation.” As much as you may resist it, those critics that are most vocal may be your strongest advocates. What would you rather have, passionate opinion or indifference?

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  • Not sure I understand your last paragraph I don’t necessarily find your ‘Statements’ hostel yet they do come across as written by someone who is aggrieved in some fashion. Is the intent here to open debate? Recently there have been lengthy threads running on these points you raise and as much as I don’t intend to overly moderate this thread I also do not see a huge amount of value in it at this time. The project doesn’t attempt to stifle criticism as observed in recent threads, however telling moderators that they mustn’t moderate otherwise they ought not to be moderators is never going to go down well on any forum and is too an extent slightly hostile :)

    There is a fair degree of concern over the direction and progression of BP and there are significant moves afoot to rectify this by the senior mod team and unofficial secondary tier of core developers.

    1. It may feel that way and I have possibly felt this in the past but it’s not really true, healthy constructive criticism is welcomed and is taken on board.

    2. Not sure of the point you are trying to make here? That BP isn’t able to handle large volume sites? I don’t think that’s true at all, BP will mature and you will see bigger sites starting to use it – case in point might be the ‘The Telegraph’ who now run a BP installation for their community and that does have a pretty large member base.

    3. Developers are concerned very much with getting this site up and running fully and that is underway at this moment, please check out the BuddyPress Ninjas group, everyone is more than aware there are issues with the site at present and these are being rectified. As for the version of the site it Will run the current stable release as far as I’m aware.

    4. And your point is? BP is run in the same fashion as WP. How independent do you expect it to be? Automattic back BP and employ the lead developer as for controlling BP I would say no more than they control WP. At the moment there is little interference from Automattic the project is headed by the two lead developers and a secondary team of equally experienced developers along with the larger community who all have access to Trac to help notify bugs found, add and test patches and move BP forward.

    5. It is Open Source though! is not the GNU an open source license? Regardless this is what BP is released under and to open up discussions on this subject are just likely to go back and fourth debating an issue that is somewhat a moot point.

    There is not a huge amount of value to be gained going over these points many of which have been covered recently, lets try and focus on positives and get the project moving forward at a healthy pace, direct our energies in a positive manner. I’m all for debate but think that we have had quite a bit recently and don’t really see a value in debating issues that may well be out of our control.



    :) thanks mercime went off for the link but got distracted.

    12,000 members is a fairly large site and by the looks of things there is a fair amount of current activity.

    No, I’m sorry; this post is flamebait. You have some genuine points, and hnla has replied to some, but I would suggest you write in a less confrontational style, or take it to your own blog. It is doing you no favours on here.

    John James Jacoby


    1. False. We get it everyday in our bug tracker.
    2. and see substantial traffic, and our showcase includes other high traffic BuddyPress powered sites.
    3. is powered by the trunk version of BuddyPress, and could easily be powered by any 1.2+ version with only modifications to allow it to run on the shared .org space.
    4. BuddyPress is operated in a similar fashion as WordPress, and has the complete support of the core contributing team of WordPress. That’s actually a good thing.
    5. BuddyPress uses the same license as WordPress does. That’s another good thing.

    Posts like this, aren’t healthy or helpful to anyone, as they’re not really founded on any past or current actions or activity.

    But thanks for the feedback regardless. Feel free to contact me directly if you have questions about why this topic was locked or any of our responses.

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