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Trailing Slash Issues with BP Multi Network and BP 2.8.1

  • mrjarbenne


    I’m seeing an issue with and the latest version of BP. With both active, URLs work as long as the trailing slash at the end of a URL in in place, but if users neglect to add it, or if you delete it, rather than the site redirecting and adding the slash back, a NGINX 502 Gateway error appears. This only happens for logged in users.

    Reverting back to BP 2.7.4 rectifies the issue, but I don’t want to get stuck on an older version of BP to preserve Multi-Network functionality.

    This isn’t only on BP URLS, but seems to affect blog posts and pages as well, so it’s different than the error reported here:

    My intent in posting is two-fold:

    – I recognize this is an issue with the BuddyDev BP Multi Network plugin (given that deactivating it solves the 502 issue), and along with posting on their forum, I am currently doing some testing on the impact of moving a Multi-Network using that option, to one using @jjj’s (without losing the sub domain network’s groups). I thought I would post here as well, just in case this is indicative of a regression in BP 2.8, and not just an issue with the BuddyDev plugin.

    On the off chance someone has experience with the two multi-network options above, perhaps you can share your experience migrating from one to the other.


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