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Translate press

  • Oaz



    I installed the Translate press plugin which is really great (free plugin), and have 2 compatibility problems with BP. I wrote to translate press devs, and waiting for an answer, and thought maybe you buddypress people could be interested and / or help with these issues

    1 – in groups, when a user writes some note, his message is preceded with a line including the group avatar and a link to this group. It is okay on the main language of the website, but when switching to other languages the avatar is replaced with the link to the image + the link to the group itself appears under the form <a href…This is true as well on activity page, whatever the language

    2 – in groups, forums and members repertory, there will be a mention of last time of activity, (something like “active 2 minutes ago”…). this feature does not work anymore, it will keep saying it was just active..

    thanks for your attention and if you can help, i’ll be glad !

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