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TroubleShooting : Posting in Group Forums

  • Hey,

    I’ve just installed Buddypress, and activated bbPress as per the forum setup page.

    I created a new group ‘general’. Joined it, and when I go to post a new topic there is an error.

    My site is at:
    The Group:

    Everything else seems to work fine, people can register accounts, create groups, join, leave updates…

    I feel like I’m missing something very obvious, or something that has to happen in the code or via moving something in the FTP… (which is a bit over my head)

    My Forum Setup page now reads:

    “bbPress forum integration in BuddyPress has been set up correctly. If you are having problems you can re-install

    NOTE: The forums directory will only work if your bbPress tables are in the same database as your WordPress tables. If you are not using an existing bbPress install you can ignore this message.”


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  • @mercime


    – Did you check your database if bbPress forum tables were created?

    – Did you check “enable forums” in Group Admin settings? Must do this for every group to allow group forums.

    – Otherwise WP/BP versions and details about your installation please.

    Kay, I’m not exactly sure about the tables.

    Just found the bbpress admin thing and sent that to my host guy to enter information about. I’m guessing that was the problem. Everything else (community wise works)



    hi @samproof,
    I just went to your site, and your forum function is working, so can i ask how did you do it?


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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