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Turn off auto-join groups; Only Group Members can create new topics or reply

  • DaveyWavey


    I’d like to make it so that only admins and maybe even moderators can allow members to join and participate in Groups, as such:

    1) How do I turn off auto-join group when a user creates a new topic or responds to a topic in a group that he or she is not a member of?

    2) How can I allow all users to view all group activity but limit the creation of topics and ability to reply to just members of the group?

    I am using the latest WP 3.4.2 and BP 1.6.1

    Thanks for any insight into this! I’ve spent hours poring over the site with no luck at all!

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  • DaveyWavey


    I honestly spent hours looking for a suitable answer to this question before posting it here. There were all kinds of solutions available for older versions of WordPress – like adding this line:


    to bp-custom.php but it seems as if there is no longer any need for bp-custom.php in BP 1.6+ – in any event, no matter what I put into the file, it has zero effect on BP, so I assume all bp-custom.php related information is not relevant to BP 1.6+ installs. So what do I do?

    Or am I missing something super obvious?

    Paul Gibbs


    One option is to set the groups as “private”, not “public”. People can’t auto-join then.

    The constant you refer to ought to work in BP 1.6+, it’s not been deprecated.



    Thanks so much @djpaul – I did consider the possibility of making the groups private, But our client wants them visible to non-group members (so they have an idea of what the group’s are about) and at the very least not auto-joinable. Adding define(‘BP_DISABLE_AUTO_GROUP_JOIN’,true); to bp-custom.php located at wp-content/plugins seems to have had zero effect on any aspect of my pretty standard BP 1.6+ installation. Like no effect at all. Like it’s not there. So if it’s a feature that is not deprecated why isn’t it working? I ask because I am stumped. Totally.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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