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turn off comment function in activity stream

  • maksibec


    Hi there,

    I have not found anything for my issue via the query, so if this has already come up once please just point the right direction.

    I run a small sports club website (WP 3.9) with some social networking for members (BP 2.0) with a 2012 child theme. Practically everything works fine so far, I enhanced my team-internal forum (bbPress 2.5.3) with BuddyPress to get additional functionality such as e. g. a lot better notification system across the whole site via the activity stream.

    However, the site is still very small with currently only 7 members registered. As we use the activity stream to track the site’s new stuff incl. new posts and new forum posts I would like to turn off the comments function within the activity stream (I want the users to comment directly in the post or forum instead). Unfortunately I know nothing about PHP so please give me hint or two 🙂

    As this is my first post to your forum (never had any issues or questions so far!), many thanks for your great work, keep it up!


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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