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Twenty Twelve Help

  • remixines


    Hey all,
    I’m brand new to the Buddy Press community and i’m trying to build a little exchange website for sharing informations with friends.
    I would like to adapt the Twenty Twelve template to buddy press and i have a problem with the CSS configuration.

    I’ve done the steps with the plugin buddypress compatibility and my links works great.
    Now I got a problem with the main warper because the rightside menu (with widget) is down after the main content (div.padder i think) and does not stand right of it.

    My request is to know if somebody have already custom the twenty twelve template and if it would be possible to share it.
    If not, is somebody could give me an advice for editing the css (i’ve tried but i don’t find the good combination, i’m very noob)

    I think that i’ve seen a closed tiket on BP Trac about adapting the template for Bp. Do you know what has happening with this?

    Best to all,

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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