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Unable to Post New Topics to Forum

  • I do the thing to add a new topic to a forum, inclusive of choosing the group’s forum to post it to, but when I click ‘Post Topic,’ the fields reset and I get an error bar saying I need to choose a group.

    Running BP 1.5 on WP 3.2.1. Server is running PHP V5.2.17.

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  • @mercime


    Please answer some troubleshooting questions posted

    do you have group forums installed? Yes
    did you also install the new sitewide forums? Yes
    single WP or WP multisite? — Single
    is BP installed in main site or subsite (if MS)? Not Multisite
    etc — Not sure what else I can give you but what I’ve posted and added in this reply.

    Also, in bbpress in the the ‘Forums’ settings, there’s some red text beside Archive Slugs – Forums base settings box: Possible BuddyPress conflict: Forums page

    @mercime – Sorry for the bump, but I tried to provide all of the information requested without any love…



    Sure, there’s bound to be some conflict with two kinds of bbPress forums installed – Group-centric and Sitewide. Could be a bug.
    – First thing, are both using the “forums” slug? You’d need to change the slug of either the Group one or the Sitewide one.
    – Second, deactivate the sitewide forum by deactivating bbPress 2.0 plugin and change to bp-default theme. See if you can post topic to the correct group forum.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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