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Upgrade Guide for Child Themes?

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    There needs to be some sort of upgrade guide or readme.txt for upgrading child themes when a new version of BP press is released. It would be best if there was a separate (additional) zip file containing only the files that need changing.

    I know everyone put a lot of hard work into the latest upgrade, but so far it seems it caused more bugs than it fixed (at least with child themes). It would be great if I was at least sure I made all the proper upgrades before I debug.

    If we want to grow this community you can not expect users to comb through and decipher the trac.

    Moreover, I know BP is young, but there is no way it will grow if major theme edits are required to upgrade. Custom themes are the key to growing BP, just like they where for WP. BP must make the process of using and developing them as easy as possible.

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  • techguy


    Sounds like a good contribution you could make to the community. Provide a list of theme changes that people will need to consider for their themes.


    @techguy I would love to, but I can’t figure it out myself. Moreover, It should be done when a new release is finalized and by some that able to release it packaged with the update. I’m not in that circle. Even if I was, I’m no php expert. I can hack my way through some things and can follow directions (most of the time). Bottom-line, if you need a tooth pulled you should go to a dentist not some guy who owns a pair of pliers. :)

    I hope to contribute as much as I can where I can in this community. Maybe by 2.0 I will have learned enough to take it on.

    One thing I do plan on working on (when I get the time) is a FAQ/Help Page that site owners can put up to help their members use the BP features. Perhaps that would be a good community project.

    @dennis_h a front-end Member FAQ/Help plugin would be a great idea for site owners. Something that other plugins can hook into as well to explain how their features work in terms for a member.


    rich! @ etiviti Not sure how much help I can be coding it, but I can help supply the text. It would also be nice if it had a sidebar widget where you could click on questions and have the answer displayed in WP’s built in Thickbox. If you really want to get advance, build in a search box for questions.


    This post seems to have been all but ignored by the powers that be. I can tell you this much, BP will live or die by its child themes. As long as this fact is ignored by the developers BP will remain a CMS oddity and not a standard.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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