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Upgraded to BP 1.5.2 and use WP 3.3 in Multisite and my images and other items don’t work properly i

  • Brian Bowman


    I’m using the Canvas Buddypress theme on our site,

    I’m using WP ver 3.3 and BP version 1.5.2 and the very latest Canvas Buddypress and Canvas theme files downloaded two days ago.

    Here are a few problems I’m having:
    1. Is there a known problem for BP member profile images/avatars working on say the main site (in my case, but not in any of the sub sites (as in )? For example, if you visit and look at the person named ‘Andrew Carr”…his image shows up.

    BUT, if you visit a sub site, and look at the same person’s name…his image file is missing.

    2. Furthermore, in either site, if I click on anyone’s activity stream comment to read further, I just get taken to the home page….NOT to a view/details of the comment.

    3. If I visit a group’s member, say on and click on their activity comment…I get taken to a 404 page error.

    I’m pretty certain this has something to do with BP’s new page assignment functionality. On our main site, I have BLOGS, MEMBERS, FORUMS, etc. as PARENT pages, but in my sub site, I have them under a COMMUNITY Parent page (so, this may be messing up the slug / URL of the respective links…

    Any insight on any of my items above would be appreciated

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  • @mercime

    @mercime is a private group so we cannot see activity page. I did check out another group’s activity and it does lead to 404 page.

    Have you tried:
    – Going to Settings > Permalinks then click Save Changes on same page to re-run permalinks?
    – Checking your .htaccess file for your multisite installation and see if there are any changes since you last updated your .htaccess file?
    – Change to bp-default theme, clear cache and check whether if you upload a new avatar, it shows up properly?
    – Check site where you purchased the theme – do you need to update the theme for WP 3.3 and BP 1.5.2? You can also install the Theme Check plugin as well as the Log Deprecated Notices plugin to see what code/s need to be updated.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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