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upgrading from trac

  • Matt Kern


    Hey All

    I have a site coming up that I want to use the trac version on and upgrade when its officially 1.2.

    Will upgrading be just a matter of replacing the files with the new ones (keeping track of changes of course) or is there something else?


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  • Brajesh Singh


    It should be hopefully replacing the files with the new ones, but you can not be sure , until there is a feature freeze.

    As Andy mentions, there may be some unexpected changes(very less expected though) from the current trac to buddypress 1.2 beta.

    My advise, if you want, you can go ahead with this, just keep an eye on changes or you may wait till mid of January, then you will have the beta version to work with.

    Matt Kern


    Thanks for the response Brajesh.

    My biggest fear is I put up the trac version, I get 20 people on the site using forums etc.. and then when 1.2 comes out, I have to do a diff on the database and hand tweek all those tables to bring it up to date.

    That is a possiblilty, right? I am just trying to get my worst case scenario together.

    or, is it better just to use 1.1.2 (whatever it is right now) and when 1.2 comes out, just do the automatice update. It would take care of upgrading behind the scenes for me,right?

    Sorry, for the silly questions but up to this point I have just been re installing every new version – haven’t used it for a live community yet, but its coming soon….

    I want to say “1.2 doesn’t contain any database changes”, but then John’s going to pop in and say something has (probably the activity tables if any). If you are asking will the current trunk version database schema change when 1.2, I doubt it. I think Andy said he’s code-freezing BuddyPress 1.2 at the end of December to allow about a few week’s worth of testing.

    Being close to the release of 1.2 (close to a beta, anyway), I’d suggest using 1.1.3 for now. Everything should upgrade easy to 1.2 when that is released.

    Matt Kern


    “I want to say “1.2 doesn’t contain any database changes”,”

    Thats what I want you to say to!

    Thanks for the info Paul. Thats what I was looking for.



    @Matt. WPMU 2.9 not BP, will add new table, commentmeta, to database for EACH blog in WPMU install. So if you’re using trac for BP, might I suggest, you also test WPMU 2.9 trac now in mirror install if possible, before many blogs have been installed in your current set up. Less hiccups with fewer number of blogs.

    My 2 cents :-)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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