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*Urgent* Other user details present on user login/menus

  • nicolafern



    My site has recently been switched from a managed wordpress platform to a business shared platform by my host because of an uptime issue.

    Now, when logging in there are some issues with other user’s details being confused with those of the logged in user, for example the other user’s details appearing in the top right hand buddypress menu (including linking to the profile of that user), places where I have shortcodes to access usernames etc show the wrong ones. This is obviously a GDPR issue.

    I haven’t made any change to the platform apart from moving the hosting. My host says there’s no sign of database corruption, and I have done things like purging caches and also updated to the new release of BP.

    The host said: The only thing I’m wondering is whether BuddyPress requires a PHP module that’s not enabled on the Business plan to run your site correctly (I’ve very little direct experience with BP unfortunately!). And suggested I post a query here.

    Unfortunately this is very much the wrong time for an issue like this to rear up as I’m in the middle of launching my community and have a number of people who have registered and are awaiting activation, and a big event planned for tomorrow which will involve the community site.

    Has anyone got any idea what the problem could be – or about what php module could be required as per my host’s question?

    Many thanks!

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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