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Url problems and Url links

  • boiy


    i have a problem, and i have tried so many ways to solve them… i even tried using that plugin redirection which solves half

    i have a site which i ave hidden all the pages from users who are not logged in, which means you have to be logged in to view the site

    but when sumone visits the site, and inputs or, it will show my memebers page.. or my activitystream page, which i dont want .. i want all of them to be redirected to my landingpage or index.php or frontpage.php


    when a user tries or guesses a link .. for example… localhost/site/any-nonexist_page, it will take them to “sorry page was not found” which i dont want for both logged in users and logged out user

    if there is a custom function that can redirect all this plus also have me create a custom error message….

    i’ll be gratefull…

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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