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Use ‘member-header.php’ code in non-Buddypress template file?

  • Hi, I’m using Buddypress and the WPMU Q&A plugin.

    The Q&A plugin has a template file called ‘archive-question.php’ which shows a list of questions. Buddypress has a file called ‘member-header.php’ that shows the members avatar, follow button, mention button and so on.

    I’m trying to integrate the two. However, if I copy the code from ‘member-header.php’ into ‘archive-question.php’ it doesn’t seem to be able to ‘access’ Buddypress or any of its functions. How can I get the Q&A plugin template file ‘archive-question.php’ to recognise Buddypress is running and allow access to its functions?

    For example, ‘member-header.php’ calls a function called bp_displayed_user_avatar() – how can I get ‘archive-question.php’ to access this function?

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