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User account setup with BuddyPress

  • mah184



    My WordPress Version is Business Plan, here is a link to my site

    So I wanted to reach out because I have recently purchased the business plan for my website through wordpress a few days ago. My main reason for doing this was to download the plug in BuddyPress. I had done some research and it seemed like from what I read that BuddyPress would allow for users to create accounts on my site and then would be able to log in to my site whenever they want. What I am seeing is that after they make their account and then try to log in it takes them to sign into wordpress and I feel it shoudn’t be doing this since I paid to upgrade to the Business Plan where the wordpress stuff was supposed to be all gone. Do you know how I can fix my issue?

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  • @mercime


    @mah184 I do not know how the “wordpress” stuff was supposed to be all gone” as BuddyPress is a plugin for WordPress. If by “Business Plan” you mean’s Business Plan, then please avail of the free support aka ‘real-time concierge support’ provided along with your plan. Aside from which, hosting is an entirely different scenario from a self-hosted solution which we usually help out in these forums, so the best support you’ll get is from Good luck.

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