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User gets wrong activation key error after activation mail

  • boriskamp1991



    I have a serious issue which Im very surprised by.
    A user emailed me today with this:

    Trying to signup. Followed all directions. Won’t let me log-in. Asking for activation key???? Received your e-mail. Please respond. Thank you.. Jim

    It appears the user gets a wrong activation key error after following the link in the email. I’ve checked on various other topics here that describe the same problem and have not been able to find a solution.
    I’ve not been able to recreate this with a test account
    Im using WP 4.2.4 with a custom theme.

    Whats causing this? I really need this solved asap as it breaks my activation process


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  • Henry Wright


    That’s strange and shouldn’t be happening. Can you activate TwentyFifteen, disable all plugins and then try a test registration?



    Thanks for helping me out, but as I stated, i xannot replicate this issue, I tried a test registratiom with everything enabled and activates successfully.
    So no need to deactivate an go to the standard theme right? Any clues?

    Henry Wright


    You’ll probably want to get as much info from the user as possible and then test again under those exact conditions. It could be a browser problem (I’m guessing here) or alternatively a caching issue. These are the worst problems to investigate, when everything works fine for you, but not for somebody else 🙁

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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