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@user notation: A Feature Suggestion

  • stwc


    I’ve been noticing a lot of people here are using the @user notation (most recently popularized by Twitter) here in the forums. It doesn’t actually do anything, of course, but I was thinking it would be very cool if it actually did.

    What I’m thinking is that if someone actually used the notation @stwc somewhere on the site (for example), a notification would be fired off (appearing on the buddybar) to that user (ie me, in this case), and clicking on the notification would take the user to the item in question, whether it’s a wire comment or a forum thread or [anywhere else]. I think it would really help pull together the kind of… loosely-coupled… way that various communication channels on a BP install work. It could also appear as a stream in the user’s messages area…

    This might be something better implemented in a plugin than in core, but I thought I’d throw it out there.

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  • hum, interesting, i think this is a real good idea. could be coded as a plugin, would be easy *(once i know how to code one for BP)… :)



    Thats a good idea,but any takers for this as a plugin?



    this is kinda brilliant I must say.. If you would a box on your profile: What are people saying about me? which shows what you just said.. really cool addition!

    Jeff Sayre


    Interesting idea. Why don’t you create a new enhancement request in Trac. You log into Trac using the same credentials as you do here on the forums.

    John James Jacoby


    Might be seeing this sooner than later. ;)





    why do I have to write “@stwc” in this post after all, so that everbody knows I am replying to YOUR post ?


    If we would have THREADED-forums, THREADED wires, etc. than I would not need to write “@somebody” all the time…..instead DIRECTLY replying to your post.


    your suggestion might be a nice feature for young Twitter-geeks, but I do not think that the average user would even understand this feature.

    Just check out the following forum and you will see what “intuitive” means:


    probably we could have both ? Your feature and also threaded-items ? Combining those two things would be great !




    threaded forums and such is kind of a different matter to using @username, erich. it’d be more like twitter, where you can see what has been said about you in one place rather than having to go to the forums, the wire or anything else.

    when i talk @Erich73, i do not always want to make a quote or a different post than if i reply @stwc ‘s post…

    i’m not a geek, neither i use twitter… it’s been common protocol to most of the networks i know that when you want to point at someone, you add the ampersand so the person know you’re talking directly to him/her…

    twitter just used the ampersand as an opportunity to link comments from members to events. they did not invent it.




    fine with me




    Threaded forum doesn’t sound that good to me though, an @ function doesn’t either. I think the old quote function works best on a forum. Most populair forum softwares still use it, so can’t be all that bad. ;)

    it’s not the quote that is the problem… a “who quoted me” function is what is needed if we interpret it the good way…

    i coded something similar for vBulletin, where people were “rated” by popularity when rating was based on how much people were quoting you in a forum… maybe this rating thing can be fun to add in BP, as a lot of features are compared already… :)



    OK, created a trac enhancement request per Jeff’s suggestion. Hope I did it right ;-).


    By the way, I wasn’t thinking that this would be implemented as something required or anything like that, or even that it would be used for quoting excerpts of what people have said. But when people did use it (and once they noticed the functionality, further use would presumably just emerge) without really thinking about it, as they already do, it would be kinda delightful to have it provide notification functionality (which could be turned off, too, I guess).

    Just a simple link to the posted item, wherever it might appear, that has @myusername in it as notifications in my buddybar and maybe a stream in my messages inbox area somewhere. But those would be implementation details, if the general idea is deemed a good one.

    Jeff Sayre


    @stwc ;)

    Thanks for creating the new ticket. You did it right!

    Make a note of the ticket number so you can more easily follow any comments or questions posted to the ticket. You can also add additional information as you see fit whenever you like.



    Wow what a fantastic idea, this could be a killer feature!

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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