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User Registration At Sub Blog

  • Johanhorak


    Let’s say a user arrive at a blog and I am using the community plugin

    The visitor is not registered with the main blog and cannot become part of the sub blog until she has a username.

    This means that the potential user must be send to the main blog, get a username and get back to the sub blog.

    Searching and asking I could not find a solution other than providing the procedure to be followed on the sub blog with a link to the main blog and hopping that they will get back to the sub blog.

    Is there any other neat way of doing this?


    Is there anyone doing this the long way as described above as I would like to learn?

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  • hyrxx


    tell them to register and come back?

    all users are part of the site community so once registered they can comment etc under thier username, why not encourage users to sign up when they first get to your site

    id say the easiest way would be to tell them to bookmark and then come back after registering



    @Hyrxx thanks for the advice. I will do that. I am no programmer but I for see that someone will come up with a widget that allows you to grab a username from the blog you are currently visiting.

    For the time being I’ll have to do the long way round ;-)



    Hi I am not sure if there’s now (seven months later) a better idea…. Is it possible for a contributor to subscribe at a sub blog, rather than going to the route buddypress install to register?

    Thanks in advance



    If a user registers through the buddypress registration on a sub blog, which is buddypress they are registered, resulting in a new blog of This completely defeats the purpose of buddypress as a “site-wide” application and negates the good buddypress registration form, and the login form to include “to register” The code should be grabbing site url, not the buddypress subblog url.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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