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User registration issue with BP on multisite subdomain

  • gotequity


    Good Morning,

    I’m hoping for any insight/assistance in troubleshooting new user registrations that aren’t being attributed to BuddyPress. I’ll try my best to summarize the issue and provide as much background info as possible:

    Intended Usage:

    We’re beta-testing a network configuration for a potential client project. This will ultimately include 50-100 domains for publishing content to multiple sites. BuddyPress will be utilized as user hub for submitting content to the network.

    Setup & Environment:

    WordPress 3.7.1 multisite-subdomain installation with wildcard-enabled primary domain and domain mapping successfully implemented (via WPMU plugin)
    Fresh install of BuddyPress 1.9.1 activated only on the desired mapped subdomain (not network activated)
    Subdomain theme is BP-compatible – Newspaper via ThemeForest
    BP_ROOT_BLOG is defined in wp-config.php to the correct subdomain
    BP_ROOT_BLOG is also defined in bp-custom.php (in wp-content/plugins) to the correct subdomain
    Hosted on NGINX server (via Flywheel) with static IP

    The Issue:

    In testing with dummy user accounts, new user registrations on the BuddyPress subdomain are getting registered to the network’s primary site. What’s really strange is that the new user registration email is sent from the BP subdomain and the activation link also points back to the BP subdomain (http:subdomain/activate/?key=***********). When activated, the new user/member doesn’t show on the subdomain user list or on the frontend subdomain/members page, but does appear on the network admin user list.

    After scouring the web for possible solutions and enlisting the help of our host’s support team, we’re at a collective loss for what could be causing the issue. Since this is a test deployment, I’m reluctant to publically share the URL. If needed I’m happy to provide via email or PM.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions, feedback or questions to get this resolved!

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