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User registration not working on fresh install.

  • lorns


    BuddyPress version: 2.0.1
    WordPress version: 3.9.1
    Running on localhost with MAMP & PHP version: 5.4.1

    Theme: BuddyPress default

    Issue: New user registration doesn’t do anything. Fill in form, hit submit & it reloads the registration form with the password fields cleared.

    No error messages. Nothing in the error logs. Nothing from WP_DEBUG. Nothing.

    I’ve been hunting through this forum & have seen this issue pop up time & time again without any solutions. I’ve made sure that:

    • Anyone Can Register IS checked,
    • Install directory is all lowercase,
    • that I’m using the BuddyPress default theme,
    • my permalinks are set to post name.

    I’ve left everything else at default. I have no other plugins installed.

    I can create users via the WordPress dashboard without any issues and they can use everything that BuddyPress has to offer. But if I act as a new user, I cannot register using the BuddyPress register page.

    This is now my 3rd re-install of BOTH WordPress & BuddyPress on a clean database and it’s still not working. Help. Anything I’ve not tried?

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  • @mercime


    that I’m using the BuddyPress default theme

    @lorns Change to the Twenty Fourteen theme.
    Strange that you could see and activate to the BP Default theme in a new installation

    But if I act as a new user, I cannot register using the BuddyPress register page.

    Please make sure that you’re logged out first before going to the register page. If you were logged out, do give steps or more information to replicate the issue.



    @mercime I was originally using the TwelveFourteen theme and it wasn’t working then. I couldn’t see the bp_default theme but I kept coming across advice that said I needed to be using the BuddyPress default theme – managed to find it in the plugin files.  I’ve just now switched back to TwelveFourteen (to make double/triple sure) but it still won’t work. The registration page just reloads with form inputs intact (other than the password).

    Definitely logged out, have tried in latest versions of Safari, Chrome & Firefox, go to Register Page, fill in details, hit submit – page reloads with all bar password fields intact.

    I’m not sure what further steps I can give you other than above. My latest install is clean, up to date, unless I’ve missed some glaring setup step but I’m sure I’ve followed the guides correctly. I’m totally stumped.



    @mercime I’ve been having a little more of a dig around – if I look at the generated site code, the sign-up form has nothing set for the action attribute and I can’t find any JS script that would submit the form programmatically in place of that.

    I’ve tested it out using invalid data and can confirm that it’s not reaching the signup validation script in the BuddyPress bp-members-functions.php file. I’ve not touched/edited the plugin files, just trying to figure out whether it’s getting where it needs to go.



    @lorns Have you tried deleting and then re-uploading BuddyPress manually? Files may have been corrupted or upload could be incomplete. Where are you hosted – locally or shared hosting or dedicated server, etc?



    @mercime as mentioned in my original post I’m running locally using MAMP. I’ve done 3 clean installs first deleting then redownloading & installing both WordPress & BuddyPress.

    Totally stumped & frustrated.




    I am facing the same issue on buddypress 2.0.1 with WPLMS theme. I am new to wordpress, php so any help would be great..


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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