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Username confusion and potential foul play

  • pace


    When we are on BP Register page, on the left column, a new user fills out username, email and password.

    On the right column, the user has to fill out a “second username” which is seen by everyone. On Paid Membership Pro plugin, this second username becomes the user’s real name when filling out payment details.

    After this user completes the registration, when he goes to Profile / Edit, in the Base name group, the very first field is username and from here the user can change his username to “ANY NAME THEY LIKE.” And this “ANY NAME THEY LIKE” then sticks with him whenever he makes a comment or publishes a post.

    Now the problem is this “ANY NAME THEY LIKE” can even be an username already taken, in other words, some other member’s username. Which means he can pretty much do anything he wants under the disguise of other members. I know when we go to his profile his real username is on the top of page where his picture is located, but not everybody would notice that and on a community site, every time his posts or comments displayed on site, they would all show an author name of that “ANY NAME HE LIKES.”

    That would be a real disaster especially when using Paid Memebrship Pro on a community site, a member MUST change this “second username” becasue this name ends up being their real name on their credit card / whatever payment. And if they don’t change it, their real name would be all over the site and it’s a serious privacy and security issue.

    But the same issue exists even on a standard BP Register process. Any solution to that? Than you.

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