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Username requested twice at registration

  • Hi, I’d be grateful if someone could offer me some advice on a problem I’ve got that’s probably very simple to resolve. I am however, a novice at this.

    I’m using the latest versions of WordPress, Buddypress, bbPress and Platform Pro. When a user wants to register on my site:, the registration page asks for the member to create a username twice, once at the top of the form, the other at the bottom. Both are compulsory. I find that a bit confusing, and understandably only want registrants to have to fill that out once. I’m also concerned that it can cause problems with a user’s account and how it’s stored in my database later on.

    Can anyone tell me why it’s asking for members to register two usernames, and how I can resolve it? Something called deep integration has been mentioned to me, which I half understand, but am wondering if that means installing bbPress again (and all users), and if it will cause further problems with my site?

    I’d be grateful for any concrete advice!

    Many Thanks,


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