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Users Blog Post on activity stream

  • risbrix



    I almost satisfied with my website, however not completely.

    I have the plugin BuddyBlog and many other. But buddyblog there allows users to blog on their profile. Like make blog posts.
    That’s just great, however when making a post it won’t show on the activity stream. It doesn’t even mention that I’ve created a blog post.
    It does on my user profile, but it just mentions it. Doesn’t show the full post or anything.
    Just says, “-user name- created post – post name -”

    Here is my questions:

    Is it possible to make the blog posts show on the activity stream?

    And is it possible to make the whole post shown?

    Think like tumblr. Posts are shown on there, that’s how I want it.

    Now, I’m not good with codes etc. so it would be so fantastic if I could avoid using it. Since I’m afraid that I will mess everything up.
    But if I really need to use codes, then I must try.


    Wordpress: 4.5.2

    Buddypress: 2.5.2

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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