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users can bypass required name on registration with space bar

  • opalescent


    I look at my user list and see so many without a name, which is a required field. Tested to see what was happening, and on a whim tried entering a few spaces in the name (required) field, and what do you know it worked! So it appears that people registering don’t actually have to enter their name if they want to remain anonymous. I would like that name field filled in.

    Is this a bug? I don’t know. It’s irritating, that’s for sure.

    Using WP version 4.9.2, BuddyPress version 2.9.2.
    Site link:
    I have tried a new signup using twentyseventeen, and was able to create an account with ” ” as the (required) name.

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  • BP has checks in place for characters entered, you should not be able to register a username that just consists of white space without the form throwing an error message. Have you any additional plugins running that might be interfering with the BP registration process?

    Huh, this does seem to be a bug. We’ll look into it — thanks @opalescent

    Hmm I tested this and couldn’t re-produce the issue, checked our code as well, maybe I only added two spaces not three? how would two versus three be any different though.

    Ok yes it does – but this doesn’t mean users anonymous the ‘name’ field if the WP display name if our field is empty then the user name is displayed. I would suggest that white space is necessary what we’ll need to do is check for only white space and fail the submit.



    Happy to have found something to keep you busy with 🙂

    Not sure it’s something we need to be busy with really, in reality if this field is left out the username is used for all display purposes so again I question the use of ‘anonymous’ to describe the registration? I asked earlier whether you had any plugins in use that might alter the way WP/BP names are handled, is there some change being made to what is normally displayed sitewide or is it just that you don’t want usernames being used for display?

    I’ve fixed this bug, and it will be included in BuddyPress 3.0, which is probably two or three months away.



    I actually do want to see usernames on the admin side Users page so I can see who’s who on a growing membership list. Having that field blank wasn’t desirable. Just kidding about keeping you busy… I’ve not been able to trace any conflicts with plugins. However, I’ve enjoyed the challenges Buddypress has offered thus far in honing my skills on various tasks. Enjoying seeing it take shape on my site. Glad to hear it was a fixable bug! Thank you for all the skill and dedication you put into this grand project.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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