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Users Registration page only reloads and doesn’t submit

  • dgalfano


    1. Which version of WordPress are you running? WordPress 4.4.2
    2. Did you install WordPress as a directory or subdomain install? Directory
    3. If a directory install, is it in root or in a subdirectory? Subdirectory
    4. Did you upgrade from a previous version of WordPress? If so, from which version? We always keep WordPress up to date, so of course it’s an upgrade. Not sure which version. Maybe 4.1.X?
    5. Was WordPress functioning properly before installing/upgrading BuddyPress (BP)? e.g. permalinks, creating a new post, commenting. Yes
    6. Which version of BP are you running? BuddyPress 2.5
    7. Did you upgraded from a previous version of BP? If so, from which version? No
    8. Do you have any plugins other than BuddyPress installed and activated? If so, which ones? Yes, far too many. However, I did deactivate most to troubleshoot leaving only BuddyPress 2.5, BBpress 2.5.8 and Visual Composer 4.3.4
    9. Are you using the standard WordPress theme or customized theme? Customized theme (Bridge by Qode)
    10. Have you modified the core files in any way? No
    11. Do you have any custom functions in bp-custom.php? No
    12. If running bbPress, which version? Or did your BuddyPress install come with a copy of bbPress built-in? bbPress 2.5.8
    13. Please provide a list of any errors in your server’s log files. Not available
    14. Which company provides your hosting? Blue Host
    15. Is your server running Windows, or if Linux; Apache, nginx or something else? VPS Server, Apache

    I stole this from another thread as it’s the exact same issue:

    I have a problem with getting the registration page to work – the registration page itself is displayed properly, however when I try to submit the registration form (“Complete Sign Up”), all it does is reload the page with fields already filled in (only password fields are blank) and nothing more happens.

    WordPress Registration works just fine when BuddyPress is disabled using the Bridge theme. Registration also works when BuddyPress is enabled and I switch to the 2014 theme. Even with all the plugins installed. Perhaps some script conflict within the main theme files?

    Here’s a link to the registration page:

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  • Henry Wright


    You mentioned you’re using a customised theme. Can you check if you still see the problem when using Twenty Fifteen?



    I was able to get the registration to work with BuddyPress on Twenty Fourteen. Is there much of a difference between Twenty Fourteen and Twenty Fifteen?



    Thank you



    I found the issue. Flipping to view in twenty fourteen revealed a duplicate registration (name) field that was being hidden (and was required). So, thus, registration could never submit if it was never populated.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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