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Using animated avatars

  • scorpnetwork


    Hello everybody,

    im new to buddypress, trying to find my way around right now and stumbled over a problem for which I could not find a easy/plugin-based solution so far.

    I want my users to be able to use animated GIFs as their avatars, but as far as I can see it, the GIF animation gets broken due to the resizing of the avatar.
    Since animated GIfs as avatars isnt really a “new” thing on the internet, I assume there already must be a solution to this?

    I am thankful for any hints on this!

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  • Anonymous User 13302461


    I cannot find a solution and it seems strange that BP forces a crop on *any* size image.

    If image is already 150×150 (or whatever) then why force crop?

    So if anyone can find a hack to disable the forced cropping or add a “Skip crop”, that’s what we need.

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