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Using bbPress 2.2.3 with BuddyPress 1.6.2

  • intimez


    Since discussion forums component is retiring as of buddypress 1.7, I went through the documentation to see how to get bbpress configured with a new install and fail to locate the instructions.

    I looked at this topic but it only touch on migrating existing or keeping existing.

    Where can I find the updated doc to show the steps? It’s rather confusing.

    Do I simply uncheck Discussion Forums during the installation wizard?

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  • danbpfr


    Hi @intimez,

    you have 2 possibilities to use bbPress. As group forums, this is intended in buddypress standard install, or as standalone forum., aka sitewide forum, with the complete bbPress plugin. The bbPress part shipped with BP is not exactly working as the plugin.

    In the first case, you may use the install wizard of BP. Activate “discussion forums” and create the appropriate page on the “pages” tab. Done ! You have to create first a group, and from ithin the group admin you can then activate a group forum.

    In the second case, don’t check “discussion forums” and install the bbPress plugin. Once installed, a “forum” menu appears on the left in the dashboard. Go to the forum settings page and do your settings.

    If you want to use ONLY a sitewide forum, you can let all the forum settings by default.

    If you want to use the group forums AND a sitewide forum, witch is not recommended because confusing for your members probably, you have to take care to one thing.

    The “forum base name” in the forum settings of the plugin. By default this name is “forums”. But this base name is also used by the group forums, so it wouldn’t work for both. In fact, this name is reserved for BP only.

    So if you want both forum types, CHANGE OBLIGATORY the base name to something other as forum or forums, and that’s it !



    I’ve been testing and decided to go with buddypress group forums for now. Although it doesn’t have all the functionality of the bbpress plugin, it seems more natural and part of the buddypress site.

    Thanks @chouf1

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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