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Using BP Default 1.1.2 theme as blog theme

  • Kunal17


    I recently upgraded from 1.0x to 1.1x. I was using the default theme(a separate copy) as a blog theme for a few blogs. Unfortunately, these themes broke after the upgrade (they show a white screen). I guess this is because the themes have several buddypress components that dont work with the new version.

    I then tried to use the BP Default theme from 1.1x as a blog theme but that just shows the 3 widget sections from the front page instead of the blog posts.

    How do I either:

    Modify the old theme to work as a blog theme on BP1.1 or

    Modify the new theme to work as a blog theme

    I don’t recall making any significant changes to the old theme to use it as a blog theme but it dosnt seem to work the same way with the new theme.


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  • Kunal17


    Hello, this is a friendly bump in case someone missed this topic.

    Its just that a couple of my core blogs have broken because of default theme incompatibility after the upgrade and I have no idea how to fix it without switching to a normal WP theme (which is not ideal at all)


    Andy Peatling




    Andy, thanks for the link. I have looked through the page and dont see how the new default theme can be copied and used as a blog theme. Can you point me to a link that explains how to do this?



    The bp-default theme is a “child theme” of bp-sn-parent theme, and you copy the bp-default theme and rename the theme folder to e.g. mythemename to make a child theme of your own. It’s not easy. If you have strong CSS foundation and Firebug, this process will take a few hours to tweak if you already have a design in mind. Plus google “create wordpress child themes” or check out ” free BuddyPress child themes”

    Btw, you can download latest BP 1.1.3 already :-)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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