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Using BuddyPress without using its theme.

  • pmuktan


    Hi everyone i have installed buddypress in my wordpress site.
    How do i use my own theme.?

    How can i use shortcode to page, so that buddypress forum automatics shows up ?


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  • Matt McFarland


    Latest version of BP works without using its theme. Works out of the box with themes that are using wp standards (like wp 2012)

    You need to read these docs:



    But some things are “broken” with other themes. Add buttons missing, all members directory… non existent. I’ve been trying for 3 days to get someone to help me “fix” this issue. I see bits of code here and there that suggest that it might fix it but frankly that is like handing someone with no training, a tool and saying “do it” “Do what now?”

    Besides, I’m more of a visual learning type person. Videos work best for me. “Go here, press this, load this, type in this… “in a video is awesome. Well written tutorials with the same step by step, type things sometimes (though not too often) help. Most just try to hand me a document that is is basically worthless especially if the person with good intentions doesn’t realize that not everyone knows the terminology.

    I’ll admit I’m pretty frustrated with the lack of support and help…

    Matt McFarland


    Hi slyv,

    Would love to help, but not sure about a few things. What version of WP are you running, what version of BP are you running, what theme are you using, what plugins are you using. Please provide hyperlinks to the plugins and the theme (as names can be identical and difficult to track down)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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