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Using git *and* svn to dev on BuddyPress (yes, it can be done!)

  • Arx Poetica


    Okay — so I know this might sound crazy, but I just set up an awesome dev enviro using *both* git and svn. Here’s why:

    I’ve always hated using externals in svn, and if you want to track *both* your WordPress install *and* BuddyPress, that’s one really annoying way to do it (which has always been troublesome to me).

    So, I first set up the latest tag of WordPress (2.9.2), and just got that running fine and dandy. Then I went to the folder I’m developing in and did a local “git init” repo, *just* for WordPress.

    Then I setup all the cruft I want to ignore via .gitignore. This is a crucial part. Make sure to add “.svn/” as a line in the .gitignore file. This will set you up to pull BuddyPress bleeding edge trunk in.

    Then it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 pulling in BuddyPress into the right directory. (From the plugins folder: “svn co buddypress/”) This might seem ridiculous, but for a person like me who needs compartmentalization and organization on projects, this was a no-brainer. Now I’m managing both repos separately, but they’re layered right on top of each other, fully integrated.

    (Now I’m just waiting for WP/BP to actually make the switch to git, and then the world will really revolve in unison.)

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