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Using thesis+child theme with Bp+Bp theme?

  • speedyworm


    Hello guys I use the thesis 2 theme and a child skin. I run a multi site with two languages. Chinese and English and using wp version 3.7.1. Can I use buddypress without disabling my thesis and child theme? If so can I also get a skin just for buddy press and have it look like my site? Or are buddypress themes for the whole site and not just buddypress alone? is my site

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  • @mercime


    @speedyworm BuddyPress uses the theme’s page.php to render the BP components. Have not seen a thesis theme for some time. Do check Thesis’s forums if someone already made the child theme for BP Theme Compatiblity already. If the page.php file of a thesis theme has the proprietary templating system where you cannot see the_title() and the_content() tags within the WP loop, then:
    – create a new thesis child theme for BP
    – copy over the parent theme’s page.php to the child theme
    – change child theme’s page.php so that it contains the_title() and the_content() tags within the WP loop.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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