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Using userbar in WordPress?

  • Tore


    Hi all!

    I’m trying to use a horizontal userbar from BP on a WordPress theme. I’m using the P2-theme (ajaxified twittering) as the “front page” and BP for other social activities.. Instead of using some navigation (forum, blog, etc) I’m only using the userbar from the BP-theme bpmember.

    When using the code from userbar.php

    <div id="userbar">
    <ul id="bp-nav">
    <?php bp_get_nav() ?>

    in the header.php in the wordpress theme I’m not seeing the proper userbar (and the optionsbar isn’t showing at all).

    Am I on the right track? Is it possible to call on bp_get_nav within WordPress?

    I’ve called on the functions.php from bpmember-theme and also templatetags.php:

    include_once (TEMPLATEPATH . "/root/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bpcore/bp-core-templatetags.php");

    I’ve placed the /images/ at both places (at wp-theme from bp-theme).

    What am I missing or is this simply not possible?

    This is a vanilla install of the latest WPMU + BP. No strange custom bp functions.

    Would really like some pointers!

    If this is impossible can I somehow get a proper URL for a loged in user to different location? This is a work around. Proper url: root/members/***NAME***/profile. Is it possible to give some hardcoded link to that place? I could rewrite the navigationbar and use that instead.

    //Tore (I’ve really searched the forums for info on this)

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  • Tore


    Okay! I got this after a lot of bug searching. I didn’t have the right adress between the css-file and images.

    This is resolved and you may delete this thread.


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