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Using WP Blog to showcase User Reviews

  • atburi



    I am looking for a way of providing a profile listing of a restaurant, hotel, company, etc and then reviews of that profile, in the form of visitor comments that stream below the profile.

    I am using WPMU with BuddyPress, and none of the features that these applications provide are exactly what I’m looking for. So I am thinking of using the WP Blog feature to accomplish this.

    Reviews would take the form of posts, filed under categories, with visitors commenting on the reviews (in the form of posts).

    I am wondering…. Does anyone see a problem with using the Blog for this reason? Any future issue that might pop up?

    it would make use of the tags, categories, meta data etc and would have its own search function as provided by the blog search form.

    One problem I can see is that the comments display oldest to latest, with the latest at the bottom – so I would want that reversed. But otherwise, I am having trouble seeing any other issues.

    Any suggestions would be great – thanks!

    What I am trying to accomplish is similar to this site (and this page) here:

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