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Using WP page templates with BuddyPress

  • jake.wpsupport


    On my site using my own theme, I have a forum page that was initially using the template page.php, but is now using bbpress.php. On all my pages I am able to utilize custom css templates except for the page using the bbpress forum. In the admin area, I am still able to select a page template, but they do not take effect. For instance, I do not want sidebars on the forum page, so I selected the no-sidebar option. I was able to verify the forum page is utilizing the files bbpress.php and template-parts/content-page.php. Doing some research I was able to discover one can edit the default bbpress css files by copy/editing to the root folder, but I want my theme users to still be able to select the layout from the admin area.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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