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Value of users’ “website” field?

  • Hi all!

    I’m using BuddyPress as a part of a local university radio station’s groupware suite, installed on a single subdomain (I.e., and using WP’s Network functionality.

    The problem I’m having is it seems BuddyPress sets the value of users’ “website” field to whatever the address of their BP profile field is so that, for instance, when a user posts a comment, the link that their name turns into goes to their BuddyPress profile.

    Given we’re only using BP internally right now, is there any easy way to prevent BP from auto-filling this field? The other option might be to write some regex in the Comments template that just removes the link if detected, but this doesn’t seem like the most eloquent way of doing this.

    Any help would be great!

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  • What are you trying to do — remove the comment links on comments to BuddyPress profiles, and just let them go to whatever the default in WordPress is?

    This is a bit tricky to achieve as it is set when the user account is activated. If you can clarify what the end result needs to be, perhaps there’s another angle of attack which we can use.

    Hi! Thanks for the response!

    Currently I’ve written some regex to replace the comment_author_link with just the author’s name in plaintext if the regex matches a BP url.

    More than anything, I’d just like to make it so that the BP site isn’t linked to from elsewhere on the public parts of the site.

    I think this in functions.php will do it;
    `remove_filter( ‘comments_array’, ‘bp_core_filter_comments’, 10, 2 );`

    Brilliant! That totally works. Thank you very much!

    You’re welcome

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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