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various problems I discovered with the deletion of registered users.

  • vitoanthony80


    Hello guys.

    To test some plugins I thought of deleting the registered users (profiles that I had previously created some time ago).
    It happened that when I recreated the same profiles, the activation email did not arrive.
    Before it came with the wordpress email @ site name …. despite not having an active email sending plugin.
    In another case I tried to change the password and he returned the registration form (unregistered users are redirected to the registration form) but when I did to register with the email the message that the email comes out is in use (strange if it does not appear among registered users).

    I thought of going to the dashboard then customize to see if there was something out of place and I noticed that there is no longer the possibility to make any changes.

    Could you give me some advice on this?

    Thank you

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