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Varnish cache

  • mimbelli


    Hi all,

    I’m trying to use Varnish cache and Varnish HTTPpurge plugin along with a Buddypress and BBpress global forum installation. Everything works fine except forum pages that are not updated correctly.

    Unfortunately varnish is installed by default on my domain from my ISP so I have little or no control on its configuration. From Cpanel I have only the option to enable/disable, purge and set TTL for static and dynamic objects.
    My ISP replied to me that Varnish does not work with BBPress/BuddyPress so I have to disable it. Is it true?

    Using the plugin check status tool, for all my URL I get:

    Varnish is running but cannot cache.
    Your sever IP setup looks good. If you are using a proxy (like Sucuri or Cloudflare or Fastly) please double check that configuration and make sure to add a custom Varnish IP if necessary.
    Your site is compressing content and making the internet faster.
    Something is setting the header Cache-Control to “no-cache” which means visitors will never get cached pages.
    Something is setting the header Cache-Control to “max-age=0” which means a page can be no older than 0 seconds before it needs to regenerate the cache.

    Thank you in advance

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  • mimbelli


    Hi all,

    Any feedback?




    Varnish is compatible with wordpress, but need custom conf, if you couldn’t manage the varnish configuration the best is no use it…

    Anonymous User 2132933


    I use BuddyPress with Varnish and everything works fine.
    You can set “Cache-Control” to 0 maybe for forums ?

    <?php header("Cache-Control: max-age=0"); ?>



    How To Use Varnish Cache?

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