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vBulletin OR pnflashgames integration

  • Jean-Pierre Michaud


    ok, i want to add flash games with scores integrated to my community. i already have the vBulletin ibproArcade which work perfect even if have too much features, but that’s all…

    so, the question would be… does a arcade game exists for WP/buddy … and if not, does the vBulletin integration to WordPress could work with Buddy? is the one!

    if there is no arcade but the vbulletin integration works, i would have to drop the forums/groups and use vBulletin instead… so 90% of buddypress would be useless… SO we need a buddypress solution, isn’t it?


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  • Xevo


    does the vBulletin integration to WordPress could work with Buddy

    “DOES NOT and WILL NEVER support WordPress MU”

    I’m not farmiliar with vBulletin, but if your sure 90% of Buddypress will be useless, why not totally use vBulletin (not that I agree with you that buddypress is only good because of it’s groups and forum)?

    Jean-Pierre Michaud


    actually i did not say BP would be useless, but duplicating features is just cumbersome for everybody.

    right now my question is not about vBulletin, i know how it work, i coded half of it. what i want to know is if we can find a arcade solution for WP or BP… right now the only flash games solutions i found are crap related to external sites… i need something that will receive the scores submited by the pnflashgames so the users have their scores displayed in their profile etc…

    but that’s not really important right now, i do not say i would trash the site right away, i just want to know IF!


    Fatal error: Class ‘BP_Group_Extension’ not found in /home7/ismartma/public_html/uppersix/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-group-twitter/bp-group-twitter.php on line 15

    ok, and what this post is supposed to mean in this thread?



    Nexia any news on this? I agree that this would be fantastic to have something similar in buddypress.

    Ps. I recognise you from vbteam (I think) :)

    there is no news on that, did not follow it either.

    and you can recognise me from about any site related to vBulletin… but it’s not good to tell everyone that you know me from being active on a pirate site, it means you are a leecher too…


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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