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Version Number 1.x does mean it's out of Beta … right?

  • gazouteast


    Because judging by the masses of non-functioning code, bugs, and errors I’m getting, it feels like it’s in a pre-alpha stage right now

    The simplest of functions don’t work –

    – changes to css on an active theme do not “stick” on refresh after save

    – group avatar uploads don’t work

    – code and buttons disappear to be never seen again

    – white pages everywhere

    – what works in FireFox doesn’t in IE, and vice versa (never had that on any other open source script so don’t blame the browsers for all of it)

    and the list goes on – the more I delve into a simple “first-to-appear” bug, the more bugs and major problems appear – the whole install is falling apart after just five days, and I’m only trying to set the basic settings so far – what happens when I’ve got users tweaking and twiddling with whatever they have access to?

    Take it back to the workshop and rebuild it – it’s not ready for unleashing on the public yet..

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  • John James Jacoby


    Thanks for the feedback, but BuddyPress definitely works. Sounds like you’re having some issues with your particular installation though, so if you’d like to discuss those here, I’m happy to help out.

    BuddyPress is certainly not bug free, what software is? However most of the errors you have mentioned here are more than likely installation problems. You should never under any circumstance get a white screen with general use.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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