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Vertical group menu in WP 3.0

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  • I guess the easy answer is grab a copy of the BP-Nicy theme, Otherwise it’s going to be a case of building a child theme and starting to code up a set of new styles to override defaults styles and possibly re-factoring the markup of pages, which will require a certain degree of experience with CSS and HTML



    The problem with Nicey is that it’s a child theme which uses bp-sn-parent theme and it doesn’t exist in BP anymore.

    “The screen shot you see was for version 1.x in which buddypress bp-sn-parent theme had vertical menu and so had bp-nicey(It is a child theme)
    In current version of buddypress the parent theme does not offer a vertical menu and so it is not in bp-nicey.
    Please take a look at the backward compatibility plugin and bp-sn-parent theme for the vertical menu.”

    Backward compatibility plugin ( disables link functionality from main menu in my installation, so it’s not an option. Not compatible with WP3 just yet? Re-factoring and css creation doesn’t sound like an easy solution either :)

    Sadly all that doesn’t leave a lot of options.

    The vertical menu as was seen in pre 1.2 could still be done but as far as I’m aware no one has thought to code a layout in that style.

    This leaves only the option of attempting a restyle yourself or perhaps badgering the author of that Nicey theme into coding a variation for release.

    Certainly in many respects the choice of vertical menu is actually the better one than horizontal tabs given that the quantity of links is an unknown variable and that horizontal tabs tend to have a finite number that can be displayed before a layout starts to break.



    Actually BP Nicey child theme has already been upgraded for BP . But as @tomah mentioned above, that screenshot was made when it was a child theme of bp-sn-parent.

    @mercime yes I was aware it had been updated as I downloaded and ran it quickly, the issue is not so much that it has been updated but that it’s technically a styling variant rather than a theme and uses all of bp-default structure along with bp-default default.css and as such adopts the bp-default tabs links (As default does it breaks if one has too many extensions./ plugins adding to these links).

    So one would need to get down and dirty with those nav styles to effect a vertical approach, but that may well involve markup refactoring – hopefully it wouldn’t but I haven’t checked the markup with a view to that, but might if I get a moment.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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