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Video Sharing in Site Wide Activity

  • abossola


    Does anyone have a solution for Video Sharing in Site Wide Activity? Kaltura has a plugin that is close but it only shows a few recent videos. Ideally it would be great to get those in the Stream.

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  • I haven’t tried but am hoping we’ll be able to use the video embeds as introduced in WP 2.9 in the Activity Stream. I’ll test this today on latest trunks and find out



    BuddyPress Links will support this sometime after 1.2 comes out.

    Shortlinks will work, but video embedding shortlinks will not work right now. I had this working using the new built in oEmbed functionality, but it’s not stable enough to include in 1.2. I’ve since removed it.

    Someone could certainly make a plugin to get this working quite easily, it could be added for 1.3 then.



    MrMaz his BP-Links plugin has automatic rich media detection and does exactly what’s needed.. maybe he could use his code to make it work in the activity stream. He told me that he would look at it as soon a BP 1.2 releases :)

    edit: LOL.. He already posted here.. hihi



    There is another possible solution, the wp-PrettyPhoto plugin I use on my site automatically detects youtube, images, etc and pops them up in a nice ajax window.

    It works everywhere on my site apart from the activity stream, not sure how to make it work inside there, it would be very cool if it did though!



    Right on. BP LInks is so close to being exactly what I needed. I may take a swing at getting the thumbs to show in the stream. MrMaz any help would be appreciated on this one…

    Thanks guys!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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