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Volunteer for BuddyPress

  • Mac


    I’m interested in becoming a BuddyPress Volunteer. Please advise on how I can assist.



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  • bp-help


    You can assist by providing your expertise with support topics as I have done for years. We are all volunteers here. You don’t need to have a title of moderator or anything else to help as most users will appreciate any help you can provide. Good luck!



    hi @ripozzo,

    in addition to @bphelp, you may also read here:

    Codex Standards & Guidelines

    Ben Hansen


    lol, can’t believe we still don’t have a contribute/make button on the main menu or footer :/



    @bphelp as for expertise, there is none! I’m here because I’d like to learn BuddyPress, and I figured by helping, preferably by documenting, I’d learn, and possibly even help.

    @danbp I’ve visited the Codex Standards & Guidelines. However, one issue I’m immediately finding is that I don’t have the ability to create or modify.

    The reason I dropped the request in this forum is because I read the topic This is why we can’t have nice things @johnjamesjacoby. I figured this was the current SOP for volunteering.

    Thanks to all, and I’m looking forward becoming and active member of the community.

    @ripozzo The best approach is to get as familiar with BP as possible, running local development installs of BP that you can play around with, reading the current codex guides, then helping out on the forum answering any questions you can. Answering forum questions is a great way to get really familiar with BP as it gets you rooting around in BP seeing what the solutions might be.

    When you feel you’re ready to add documentation or see a need and benefit to edit/update existing codex articles drop am @mention to myself @hnla or mercime @mercime and we’ll happily set you up with access on the codex.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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