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W3tC Caching certains parts of Buddypress

  • Splendorito



    I’ve been testing some with buddypress and W3tc by using page cache, what are the recommendation when it comes to caching part in buddypress? I have setup that w3tc doesn’t cache very dynamic pages like activity,groups.. I have read a lot of topics around about this, but some are pretty old. So I don’t know how things looks right now. Should a just page cache my theme and then not cache anything with buddypress?

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  • Asynaptic


    Any caching plugin will ignore (or should ignore) logged in users and not present them a cached version.

    The only way to get around this is to use fragment caching which is when you take parts of the web page which do not change, even if the user is logged in and cache them and present these cached versions to the user. For example, sidebar content.

    W3Total Cache does support fragment caching but it is a premium feature and you have to buy it at a price of $95, I think but don’t quote me on that 🙂

    The good news is that you do have several open sourced and free options for fragment caching. There are several out there is you just google, including one by rarst.

    The fact that caching isn’t really helpful for buddypress sites – since the whole point is to have a social site where people login and interact means that a HUGE amount of priority from a development point of view should be going towards optimization and performance.

    We’ve seen some improvements but there’s a long ways to go yet to even come close to wringing out the most. Buddypress is hampered by a large legacy code base with some fundamental structural decisions made early on which still have repercussions today and the desire of the developers to have backward compatibility.

    But you can always speak up and add another vote to let the dev team know what your priorities are as a user and community member.



    @Asynaptic , I understand, I have been checking fragment cache also. Oki, so the only thing a need to do for is to activate the wt3c page but only for ignore logged in users. For I want that my wordpress part should be cached and leave buddypress and bbpress out of the cache. What settings should be set then..?



    there’s more to it than that, W3Total Cache is a full featured and complex plugin – on the plus side it is extremely powerful and on the down side, you can break your site or make it slower if you don’t know what you’re doing

    > What settings should be set then..?

    it really depends. for example, are you using vps? or shared hosting? etc.

    there are lots of tutorials floating around but most are out of date, this one is probably the most recent and complete:–cms-656

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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